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How Should I Display and Sell Work at Art Fairs?

The Derby 'Winter Art Fair'  took place  late last month, the last fair of the year for me, and introduced me to a brand new group of artisans. Still relatively new to the art fair scene I spend every fair questioning the exhibitors around me, trying to work out how they make sales and organise their business. I'm part of a great the Peak District Artisans which consists of a group of 60+ very experiences artists who specialist in a large variety of craft and art forms. Unfortunately, while wonderfully organised and set in a great venue, the fair was very quiet. Then again, this gave me plenty of time to investigate those around me.
  Below are some of the things I learned from the artists directly around me, they are notes concerning their displays and business rather than the obvious talent they all have in abundance. 

Clean and Classy - Casey Allum 
    The display consisted of three easels with framed prints and a small table with cards on. All art works are very fi…

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